Field Day

Field Day is an annual amateur radio exercise held the fourth weekend of June. Field Day tests individual amateur radio operators and amateur radio clubs’ emergency communications deployment and communication skills. Field Day is believed to the largest emergency communications exercise in the United States involving in excess of 30,000 amateur radio operators each year.

Antenna and Radio Deployment

The first ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day was held in 1933. Since then amateur radio operators throughout North America test their ability to rapidly deploy radio communications equipment and establish communications with other operators. Environments can be as simple as tent operations in remote areas to those within Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs). Amateur radio operators are encouraged to use alternate and emergency power sources as these sources would, more than likely, be the only source of power available in an emergency requiring their skills.

Each club’s ability to effectively deploy antennas and radios is measured through contesting. There are a number of areas in which clubs can receive points. Contacts with other operators during field day are attempted around the clock; which requires scheduling relief operators.

Bloomington AUXCOMM conducts Field Day activities in the parking lot near the miniature golf course at Dred Scott Field which is at the corner of Old Shakopee Rd. and Bloomington Ferry Rd. Licensed amateurs and the general public are invited to join us as we make contacts across the country.